Off-season weddings in Croatia

I know what you are thinking, an off-season wedding? Really? I must admit as a sun-worshiper and someone who was married on August 30th in Portugal, the allure of the summer wedding is undeniable. However, when you live in a place like Split, Croatia, one sees the value of and beauty in an off-season wedding. Allow me [...]

Multilingual wedding ceremonies

As our individual worlds become more global and our lives become more mobile it is not surprising that there are more and more couples coming together with different native languages. Of course, there will be one language that the couple will share, maybe one of their mother tongues or maybe a third language. But when [...]

What is a wedding celebrant?

What is a wedding celebrant? Generally speaking, a wedding celebrant is someone who conducts a wedding ceremony. This, however, is a very broad term and includes different types of wedding celebrants. Civilly speaking, a marriage officiant is a civil officer who officiates a wedding. This generally includes judges, registrars or other civil servants whose function is [...]