Unique Wedding Locations In & Around Porto

After years of conducting wedding ceremonies all over Porto and the north of Portugal, I have had the privilege to visit some of the most beautiful sites in the country. As I like to say about Portugal, they pack a lot in a small space! In my humble opinion of … Continue reading “Unique Wedding Locations In & Around Porto”

4 of The Best Wedding Photographers in Portugal

Wedding photographer. These two words strike terror into the hearts of many couples-to-be-wed. As someone who had three weddings – crazy talk, I know – two of which had photographers, my personal experience runs the full gambit of emotions. I had one photographer who I adored every picture she delivered … Continue reading “4 of The Best Wedding Photographers in Portugal”

Top Makeup Artists in Porto

Your wedding day makeup is nothing to take lightly. Remember, these are photos that you will be looking at for years to come. Whether you opt for a natural glow or a highly stylized look, being able to communicate your desires to your makeup artist is of paramount importance. For … Continue reading “Top Makeup Artists in Porto”

Great Wedding Cake Makers of Northern Portugal

I love you like a fat kid loves cake.  Wedding vows? Possibly. An honest expression of love? Maybe. The lyrics to 50 Cent’s song “21 Questions?” Definitely. Either way it doesn’t matter because come your wedding day you should love your cake, love it like a fat kid would! And … Continue reading “Great Wedding Cake Makers of Northern Portugal”

Great Ideas for Wedding Activities in Porto

Planning a wedding is hard enough, but pile on the requests for travel planning and advise for what to do and see and you have suddenly added ‘travel agent’ to your list of responsibilities. Wedding websites are a great way for brides and grooms to share information with their guests … Continue reading “Great Ideas for Wedding Activities in Porto”

Beautiful & Unique Wedding Locations: the Pousadas of Northern Portugal

Are you seeking a truly unique and beautiful location for your wedding? Do you want a location that will contain a distinctly old-world feel with all the modern comforts for you and your guests? Do you want to be married in a former palace or castle? Do you want an … Continue reading “Beautiful & Unique Wedding Locations: the Pousadas of Northern Portugal”

It is your wedding, do what you want!

When I work with couples to design their custom ceremony, I ask lots of questions in order to get to know the couple, but also to understand the type of ceremony they want. Almost always, my questions are met with the following response: “I don’t know. What is tradition?” My … Continue reading “It is your wedding, do what you want!”