Trouwen in Portugal? Ja dat kan!

Trouwen in Portugal, wedding in the countryside

Net zoals je waarschijnlijk niet per ongeluk je geliefde ten huwelijk vroeg, kom je ook niet toevallig op het idee om te trouwen in Portugal. Of misschien net wel?  Dan zit je maar goed ook met het vooruitzicht van een prachtig trouwfeest in dit zuiderse land. Een buitenlandse trouw hoeft … Continue reading “Trouwen in Portugal? Ja dat kan!”

Wedding ritual: How to create your own

Down with the same tired wedding rituals that you saw at every wedding last summer. Enough with the handfastings and sand ceremonies! It is time to get original and create a wedding ritual for your ceremony that feels authentic to you and your love. The purpose of wedding rituals Rituals … Continue reading “Wedding ritual: How to create your own”

Why choose a wedding celebrant… And not your Uncle Bob!

There are so many choices to make when planning a wedding ceremony. Where to have it? What color scheme to decorate with? Who to invite? But maybe for some things, it seems obvious, like who should conduct your ceremony. Won’t the ceremony be better/more meaningful/cheaper if we ask our favorite … Continue reading “Why choose a wedding celebrant… And not your Uncle Bob!”

Lisbon Wedding Guide

Lisbon combines the international, cosmopolitan feel of a European capital with a splash of Portuguese culture, making it one of the most popular wedding destinations in Europe. See below for our thoughts on how Lisbon stacks up as a wedding destination. Lisbon’s Weather Plentiful sunshine – in fact, Lisbon is … Continue reading “Lisbon Wedding Guide”

Top Locations to Elope in Portugal

Eloping on the beach in Portugal

Are you dreaming of an intimate elopement in Portugal? A cozy ceremony with just the two of you, an amazing view, and your love? If that is the case, we have your insider’s guide to the best locations to elope in Portugal! Our team of 10 wedding celebrants has conducted … Continue reading “Top Locations to Elope in Portugal”

Portuguese Wedding Poems

Your resource for wedding poems in Portuguese. Wedding readings are never easy to find. Now imagine you are looking for wedding readings in a different language! I know, it sounds a bit crazy, but it does happen. I, like many other people, married someone with a different first language than … Continue reading “Portuguese Wedding Poems”

The best designers & calligraphers in Porto

Making your wedding day your own can mean something different for every couple. For the couples among us who want to start off their wedding planning process on the right foot, they look to designers, calligraphers, and other professionals to make a statement with their invitations. But here’s the thing, … Continue reading “The best designers & calligraphers in Porto”

Writing your wedding vows isn’t easy, but I can help

First off, congratulations! I will infer that if you’re reading this it is because you’re getting married. And that is exciting and worth celebrating! On that note, congratulations as well on taking the time to ensure your vows are on point. For some people, wedding vows just flow naturally from … Continue reading “Writing your wedding vows isn’t easy, but I can help”