Top Makeup Artists in Porto

Your wedding day makeup is nothing to take lightly. Remember, these are photos that you will be looking at for years to come. Whether you opt for a natural glow or a highly stylized look, being able to communicate your desires to your makeup artist is of paramount importance.

For couples marrying aboard it can be difficult to get personal recommendations from friends and family for all of your wedding vendors. But when it comes to makeup this is nothing to play around with. To help alleviate some of this stress out team has complied a list of the top English-speaking wedding makeup artists in the Porto area, who are excited to be a part of your perfect wedding day!

Marlene Vinha of Pretty Exquisite Image Consulting

Photo credit : André Teixeira| Branco Prata
Photo credit : André Teixeira| Branco Prata

Marlene fell into makeup a bit by chance. Growing up with a love for makeup, one day her sister,  a stylist, asked Marlene for some makeup help during a styling session. After her first encounter, Marlene decided makeup was her passion! Quitting her other job and completing a foundational course at Make Up Forever, Marlene took her life in a whole new direction.

Photo credit : André Teixeira| Branco Prata

For brides, Marlene focuses on makeup that works with the features of the bride and on creating a radiant complexion. Given the rigors of a wedding day, Marlene also work to achieve a look that is photogenic and is able to stand up to all of the various emotions of a wedding day.

Marlene enjoys working with brides because knows she is working on something with someone who will remember the day forever. She sees it as a huge honor to be an integral part of a day that the bride and groom will look back upon with fondness.


Daniela Reis Make Up Artist / Stylist / Designer

Photo Credit: Joao Almeida

Daniela always knew she wanted to work in the fashion industry, but along the way, she fell in love with the colors and the brushes and all the possibilities that makeup holds. Determined to be trained by the best, Daniela moved to Lisbon for 2 years to train with Antónia Rosa, one of the most well known makeup artist in Portugal.

Photo Credit: Rita Rocha


When it comes to bridal makeup Daniela works by a few hard and fast rules. First, she aims to make every bride the best version of herself. Second, don’t do something that you don’t do the rest of the year, for example, if you never wear red lipstick, don’t decide to do it on your wedding day. And finally, be confident and smile…that is the real secret to perfect bridal makeup!



Photo credit: Espaço Branco

Daniela works tirelessly with every bride to create a look that highlights their natural beauty, but also balances it with the dress, the hair, the accessories, everything! She highlights skin as the most important element of bridal makeup and strives to create a light a natural look to the skin. She adores weddings because it is like being part of the family on a very special day. She really feels the responsibility of doing a bride’s makeup on such important day; she knows that the bride’s face will be in every photo, every memory, and it is important that they be at their very best.



Bárbara Brandão of Makeup By Bárbara Brandão

Photo credit: Instante Fotografia

Bárbara is not very typical in how she came to love makeup. She was originally a painter and from a young age knew she wanted to work with colors and brushes. And so it happened by accident that she discovered the possibility to create a different type of masterpiece with these same tools. With a strong foundation in the arts Bárbara complimented her skills with courses in makeup, including with the famed makeup artist Antónia Rosa.

Photo credit: André Teixeira – Branco Prata​

When working with brides Bárbara strives to help every women feel good about herself. She thinks that all brides should feel confident and beautiful on their wedding day. On the day, Bárbara strives to create a calm environment, including the right music for the moment and maybe a special perfume or scent that helps the bride relax.

Bárbara enjoys working with brides because she loves to accompany someone on a very special day that will always be remembered. The thought that her makeup helps brides to feel more beautiful and special is incredibly rewarding.
Photo credit: João Almeida
For Bárbara the most important element of the bride’s makeup is always the skin. There is is no better canvas for her work than healthy, moisturized skin. This is why her service always includes advice regarding skin care. Whether you have only a week or two months to prepare, she is a firm believer that there are always products that help improve the condition of the skin, which will contribute to a beautiful look on your wedding day!
We hope you enjoyed this article and that when your wedding brings you to the north of Portugal you will consider one of these exceptional artists!

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