Our Story

Like many great businesses, Your European Wedding Celebrant was born from personal experience. When our founder struggled to find resources and a celebrant to conduct her multilingual and multicultural ceremony, she knew she couldn’t be alone. That was in 2014 and in 2015 the company was founded. Your European Wedding Celebrant was founded on the belief that the languages, cultures, and personalities of every couple should be represented in a wedding ceremony as unique as the couple.

Personalized Ceremonies

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Why do our couples write reviews that read “It was the most uniquely “US” part of the whole day!”? And “Our guests laughed and cried with us; every one of the guests commented on how special it was!”? The answer is simple. Since the very beginning, we have created every ceremony from scratch. We never use templates; nor do we write ceremonies in the days before the wedding. Our work is driven by the desire to create completely original and personalized ceremonies for every single couple.

We spend hours learning about each couple, from how you met, to your hopes and fears for the future, to who you were as children. We offer resources and insights from 200+ weddings to help construct a ceremony that reflects your love. Unlimited opportunities to edit means we are your collaborators in creating your perfect wedding ceremony.

Joining Cultures & Languages

To create a ceremony that encompasses all the aspects of your relationship and love, we have a team of highly-skilled celebrants ready to work with you. Our team includes bilingual and even some trilingual speakers of a variety of languages. We are happy to offer native speakers of English (American and British), Portuguese (Continental and Brazilian), French, German, Russian, and varying combinations of these languages.

However, it is more than linguistic skills that enable our success. Every one of our celebrants lives a multicultural life. Starting with our founder Carly, who is American and has lived in 5 countries with her Portuguese husband. On to Vanessa, who was born to an English father and German mother and now lives in Portugal with her Maltese partner. Then there is Hélène, who is originally from France and now lives in Portugal with her Brazilian husband and their baby. Each celebrant has firsthand experience of living and loving multiculturally.

This is why couples from six continents have entrusted us with telling their love stories and conducting their wedding ceremonies. We have married couples in combinations as varied as Portuguese & Japanese, Moroccan & Canadian, Chinese & Belgian, Ugandan & Rwandan, Moldovan & Singaporean, and Russian & American, to name just a few.

Furthermore, our commitment to inclusion extends beyond culture, language, race, and religion, as we are committed to creating wedding ceremonies no matter a couple’s gender identities or sexual orientations.

Working With Us

If, like us, you believe that your relationship deserves a wedding ceremony as unique as your love, we would be honored to work with you. Contact us today to arrange a no-obligation, video call with your future wedding celebrant.