“I just want to say a big thank you for everything! The ceremony was so perfect I couldn’t have asked for better, it had so much love and meaning.”
Emma & Carlos
Welcome to Your European Wedding Celebrant! Our team of experienced and dedicated wedding celebrants are here to work with you to create your ideal ceremony. We believe that every couple deserves to have a wedding ceremony that is as unique and personal as their love for one another.

Run by Head Celebrant Carly Petracco, YEWC is comprised of a team of wedding celebrants based in Porto, Portugal and conducts symbolic wedding ceremonies all over Europe. The team also includes Isabel Nunes and Sarah Hendrickx, who combined with Carly, have experience conducting wedding ceremonies in Portugal, Italy and Croatia. We have experience in various types of wedding ceremonies, including, traditional wedding ceremonies, same-sex wedding ceremonies, multicultural weddings and alternative wedding ceremonies.

With both English and Portuguese language skills on our team we are privileged to celebrate weddings for couples from all over the world in Porto, in Portugal and around Europe.

Our Team

Carly adores international and multicultural ceremonies. As one half of a multicultural and multilingual couple  intimately understands the challenges of creating a ceremony that is inclusive of everyone. Carly works diligently with the couple to be married to create a unique ceremony that reflects their personalities, values, beliefs and, most importantly, their love.

Isabel bring her Portuguese heritage and her love of love to every wedding she preforms. Whether in English or Portuguese Isabel is works hard to learn about the couple to be married in order to create a ceremony like nothing before.

Originally from England, Sarah bring her sense of humor and her love of public speaking to couples who are looking for a wedding celebrant that can handle any situation with grace, compassion and empathy.

Our City

Your European Wedding Celebrant is based in Porto, Portugal. But why Porto you may ask? After living in 8 different cities in 5 different countries (the USA, Italy, England, Croatia and Portugal) over the past 12 years, Carly realized that Porto offers everything one could hope for in a beautiful, destination wedding location and as a place to call home. Porto is a medieval city comprised of winding streets, small allies, hidden gems and spectacular views. The city offers its residents and guests a unique mixture of history, world class architecture, stunning sunsets, blue flag beaches, and a cuisine that feels like your mom made it. Porto is a one of a kind mixture of the historical and the modern, the classic and the trendy, the homey and the international. The only question that remains, why wouldn’t you want to be married here?

Our love of travel

Are you looking for a wedding celebrant based in the North of Portugal? Portugal? And beyond? Utilizing Porto’s central location in the North of Portugal, we are able to easily access all large and small cities in the region. This includes weddings in the Douro Valley, in and around Braga, Guimarães, Trás-os-Montes, Minho and all the other beautiful gems of the region. In addition, our team is available for ceremonies in and around Lisbon, in the Alentejo and Algarve regions. We are also available to travel further afield in order to ensure every married couple has the chance to have their own personalized wedding ceremony. As wedding celebrants, we know that finding the perfect location is important, which is why we always ready to travel!