Top Wedding Florists in Porto

Flowers are to weddings as flowers are to life… That was my attempt at bring profound, but I really, mean it! For me flowers are an important part of life, just as they are in weddings!

In a wedding, flowers set the tone, they bring ambiance to the location and they bring smiles to the faces of brides and grooms. The new trends of cascading bouquets, loads or greenery and no fear of color demands that we take a little more notice of our floral choices.

As someone who has planned her wedding from afar, I know it can be scary to try and find trusted vendors in another country, but worry not brides and grooms we can assure you that the following florists will take great care of you!

All of the florists included in our list reside in Porto and their services are available throughout Portugal. In addition to having great taste and wonderful customer service, they also all speak English.

Now that you know you are in good hands, sit back and enjoy this list of the top wedding florists in Porto.

Isabel Castro Freitas Arte Floral

Photography: Momento Cativo

Nature has been a part of Isabel’s life since her early childhood. She fondly remembers her early admiration of Monet’s gardens of flowers. When it came time to choosing a field of study, Isabel chose something that would keep her in touch with nature: landscape architecture. Whether it was designing a park or private garden, she always loved the details – choosing the colors, the textures, and the styles. Then one day it all change when Isabel was invited to  organize a floral workshop. From that day, her life changed and she decided to do what she loves most: design with flowers.

Photography: Meraki Studio

Isabel sees working on weddings as a huge responsibility. She and her team always work hard to meet the client’s expectations and create a wedding day with harmony and beauty. To do this, especially with couples that do not live in Porto, Isabel creates a floral mood board based on color scheme and a particular style of the couple, whether it be classic, romantic, rustic or boho. Once that is created, the mood board is sent to the couple for them to choose the specific varieties of flora that they prefer.

Photography: João Almeida

Isabel knows that working on weddings is very challenging, but having the chance to create a unique bouquet and wearable flowers for each couple is what she adores the most. The opportunity to always be creating something different is very exciting and rewarding.

For Isabel, one of the most important elements of a floral arrangement is the quality of the flowers. At the studio she and her team love to work with exquisite varieties and look for perfect and fresh blooms to have the best results for your wedding day.

You can see more of Isabel’s work on her website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Jardin d’époque

Photography: Dreamaker by Marta José

Ema started playing with flowers with her mother and grandmother when she was just a child . She grew up in her parents’ garden and attended lot of workshops thereafter. However, it was only while living in France and participating in a course on wedding planning that she learned more about the art of floral decoration. After sometime in France, Ema began to miss the ocean, the Mediterranean climate and the incredible city Porto. Thus, she decided return and to start a project where it would be possible to make beautiful things and use all of her academic and professional background. Combing her degrees in architecture and design with her love for flowers, Jardin d’époque was born.

Photography: Dreamaker by Marta José

Ema believes that each wedding is unique and deserves all of her dedication and care. Therefore, her philosophy  behind working on weddings is to consider each floral design project with a focus on the expectations and dreams of the bride and groom. And from start to finish, Ema loves the whole process. From the mood board drawing to the choosing of the different floral species, all the way until the flowers arrive at the studio and she finally starts the construction of the floral pieces, Ema adores the process every step of the way. Ema believes the bride bouquet is the most important floral design piece in a wedding. The bouquet reflects the bride’s dreams and it will always be part of her sweet memories and present in dozens of her photos from the day.

Photography: Dreamaker by Marta José

Ema knows that wedding planning is a complex process that requires a time and economic investment for all couples. And that it is even more complex when the bride and groom are far away. To handle the distance, but ensure that all the needs of the couple are met, Ema develops her projects with drawings, photographs, color palettes and information about the flowers and greenery. All of this is then shared and discussed with the couple to ensure that it fulfills their desires for their day.

You can see more of Ema’s work on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.



Vila Verde em Flôr

​Photography: Bruno Garcez Fotografia

For Teresa and Inês Cunha their interest in flowers started as a hobby, but grew from humble beginnings to selling flowers in their local market, to a full blown florist business in a matter of years. What keeps these women motivated is the knowledge that people appreciate what they do and that their work brings smiles to the faces of others.

​Photography:​ Estúdios Santa Cruz

When it comes to weddings, Teresa e Inês believe that every detail matters! This is how they have always worked and is what their customers have come to expect from them. On weddings days this duo most enjoys seeing the happiness they share and they have contributed to making the couple’s day a little bit more special.

To ensure they exceed a couple’s expectations, Teresa e Inês have meetings with the couple to understand what couple is seeking and they try to use their experience to provide advice as needed. They also like to meet with the couple at the wedding location, where they visualize how to best decorate the space to fit the couple’s needs. When considering a space and the floral decoration, Teresa e Inês emphasize the harmony of colors and flowers as a key element in a beautiful day.
​Photography:​ Rui Teixeira Wedding Photography
You can see more of Teresa e Inês’s work on their website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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