Great Wedding Cake Makers of Northern Portugal

I love you like a fat kid loves cake.  Wedding vows? Possibly. An honest expression of love? Maybe. The lyrics to 50 Cent’s song “21 Questions?” Definitely.

Either way it doesn’t matter because come your wedding day you should love your cake, love it like a fat kid would! And to help you, I have compiled a list of the top wedding cake makers in the North of Portugal. Most are based in Porto, but are of course willing to travel to ensure you receive your ideal wedding cake. With out further ado, get ready to start salivating…

Chá das Cinco

By Sofia of Chá das Cinco

Sofia of Chá das Cinco (Tea at 5 o’clock) is a graphic designer turned cake maker. During study abroad in Italy she discovered her love not just for food, but for cooking it. She returned to Porto in the height of the cupcake craze and tried her hand at it. Deliciously devoured by her friends, it remained a side project, until she met her business partner Hugo, who helped her launch herself and her cakes to a larger audience.

Renato e Verena-4
By Sofia of Chá das Cinco

Not only does Sofia love what she does, it has actually been her medicine.Back in 2014 she was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. It was a scary time for her, but once her cancer was under control she used her skills in the kitchen to help her to reintegrate into what she calls “normal” life.

Sofia believes in an all natural approach to her cakes and thinks that seeing and eating is believing. Sofia would never dare make a fake cake for viewing and then serve a real cake – you know you have heard about it, but let’s hope you weren’t contemplating it. Everything she makes is homemade, from the fruit jam fillings to the frostings, and edible. She believes there is great symbolism behind the cutting of the cake by the married couple and sharing it with the guests, so even her cakes for 300 people are entirely edible – no bait and switch here!

By Ana of

After 14 years living in Barcelona, Ana of returned to her native Portugal and decided to change her life path. Away went the briefcase, and out came the flour and sugar, accompanied by strong memories of her grandmother making cakes worthy of adoration. She now aspires to do the same and create edible pieces of art and fun!

By Ana of

Everything in Ana’s kitchen is raw and homemade, nothing is store bought, but everything is made with love. Considering the more fun approach of having cupcakes at your ceremony? Ana has you covered, each cupcake receives the same attention to detail as each large cake. She really adores what she does and seeks to share with everyone she can. So much so that she even makes vegan and gluten-free cakes! Because no one should have to live a cake- less or cupcake-less life.



T Bakes

By Tânia of T Bakes (credit André Teixeira of Branco Prata)

Tânia Sérgio of T Bakes also had a grandmother that influenced her at a young age and ignited her passion for pastries and cake making. As she grew up, baking was always a side project until the day she realized it was her calling in life. Since then she has been making a name for herself as one of the top cake makers in Porto and is know for her sugar flowers and beautifully, intricate replications of the famous Portuguese tiles (azulejos) on wedding cakes.

Tânia of T Bakes (credit André Teixeira of Branco Prata)

Tânia believes that every couple she works with deserves their own  cake that expresses their personality and love as a couple. She schedules all her consultations in her design studio and works to ensure the look and flavors are original and of the highest quality.  Elegance and sophistication are her guiding principles. Everything is made by Tânia, including her gorgeous flowers, which are made entirely out of sugar. A lover of seasonal flavors, Tânia uses nothing artificial and ensures that each cake evokes a moment of pause in the eater, a moment to savor its uniqueness, as well as at that of the couple marrying and celebrating with her cake creation.

Bonus! Are you looking for a party favor that evokes iconic Porto? Look no further than Tânia’a edible tile cookies. Your guests are sure to be impressed.



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