Your Virtual Celebration of Love: Virtual Wedding, Elopement, Vow Renewal, or Commitment Ceremony

Love in the time of Covid-19 isn’t easy. Did you have a wedding planned? Have you been considering eloping? Are you coming up on your 10th or 25th wedding anniversary? Or are you and your partner not only surviving, but truly appreciating one another in this difficult moment? If you answered yes to any of those questions, why wait until this is over. Consider celebrating your love virtually with a virtual wedding or elopement, vow renewal of commitment ceremony!

Our team of experienced wedding celebrants are ready to work with you to create a completely bespoke online wedding experience that you and your loved ones will never forget. Unconstrained by the norms of a traditional wedding, your virtual celebration can take whatever form you choose. We’ll take the time to know each of you and your love story (via video calls), as well as offer a plethora of ideas for how to involve your guests in this virtual celebration of love. 

Is your interest piqued? If so, keep reading to understand how we will make it happen.

How we make it happen

First, you’ll head over to our contact page and fill in the contact form. Alternatively, you can email us at

From there we will set up a no-obligation video call where you will meet with your potential celebrant. This will be a chance to see if there is a personality fit and for you to share what you envision for your virtual wedding/ elopement/ vow renewal/ celebration of love. It is also a chance for the celebrant to further explain the process and answer any initial questions you have.

If after the call you decide to work with us, we will sign the contract and ask you to transfer the deposit, which secures your celebrant’s services for your virtual celebration date.

The next part is for us to get to know you! We will send you an extensive questionnaire that each of you will fill out. It will include questions about how you met, what you adore about each other, how you envision your future together, and much more! In addition to questions, we will also send you a host of resources to give you ideas on how you can structure your ceremony. This will include everything from how to involve your guests, to vows, to ring exchange, and anything else you are thinking of! Remember, virtual weddings and celebrations of love are a new frontier, so feel welcome to explore and have fun.

We then take everything that you have told us and we create a bespoke virtual wedding or vow renewal or love celebration ceremony that is totally unique to you! 

The big day

When the big day arrives, we will host your virtual love experience with Zoom, in a password protected room that only you can share. Your celebrant will be accompanied by a technical assistant, who will ensure the smooth running of your event, including microphone management, prepping the next speaker, and playing any music that you request. 

Once, your guests begin to “arrive” we will ensure all the guests are ready before you make your “entrance”, at which time we kick off the celebration! Depending on the elements that you choose, your ceremony can last anywhere between 20 and 40 minutes. But that doesn’t mean the party has to stop! We also offer the option for you and your guests to stay on the call and celebrate together! In addition, if you wish, we can also record the celebration for you. 

Virtual wedding alone in the time of coronavirus
Photo by Piteira Photography


I think my guests will be confused by this?

That is understandable, there is a lot that is confusing about this moment. However, if you are searching for the right way to explain it to your guests, tell them this is a chance to celebrate the importance of love and community. Something we can all get behind during a time when we feel all alone. If that doesn’t work, tell them that they can bring a drink. 

Do we have to exchange vows?

Only if you want to. Remember this is your celebration of your wedding, vow renewal or, simply, love. So you can share some quarantine-inspired vows, i.e. I vow to clean up my coffee cups and never to do my home workouts while you are on a work call, or the vows you always dreamed of sharing. 

How do we get people involved?

The first and most controlled way is to ask 2 to 3 people to make a speech or a toast. This doesn’t have to be on the same level as an actual wedding day. Instead, ask them to share a memory of you two from when you first met or a funny story about you from quarantine. Remember, this is also a moment to let everyone forget, for even just a bit, about the stress of the outside world and enjoy themselves.You can also have some instructions beforehand to help everyone feel included. One example could be a dress code, as in only pyjamas are allowed. Or what about requiring that everyone needs to have a glass of wine with them. This could look like everyone participating in a ritual. Such as, everyone lighting a candle at the same time or bringing photos of you or everyone sharing a toast. 

Is there a restriction on the number of guests?

Yes, there is a restriction. There can be no more than 100 connections via phone or computer. However, one couple calling in together would count as only one connection.

How much does it cost?

The cost for your bespoke virtual celebration of love is €499. Payment is divided in two, the first payment of €159 is due at time of contract signing. The second payment of €340 is due one week before the ceremony.