Languages: Russian & English


My name is Vera! I am originally from the south of Russia, that’s the part with the sea, sunny weather and palm trees. I know nothing about cold, which is quite embarrassing for a true Russian.

Wedding Ready!

I have also been the kind of person who seeks new experiences, so when it was time to go to university I decided to study in gorgeous Prague, where I was meant to spend 5 years. The plan was quite straight forward – university, degree in economic, then a solid job in the well-known corporation. However, as we say in Russia, ‘if you want to make the God laugh tell him about your plan.’

Then one day, I came to Portugal and on my first day I declared “I want to live here”, just as simple as that. It was a strange feeling of being home while abroad. Maybe it was the ocean or sun or a couple of glasses of great wine that charmed me, but within a year I was successfully packing my bags.

I have always had a lot of creative energy to express and preparing macro analyses did not give me the opportunity to express it. Moreover, by that time I had more than 5 years of acting school and stage performing. So, no surprise, my first move in Prague was the establishment of a Russian speaking theater company (which successfully exists to this today). The theater was gaining recognition, and thanks word of mouth word, one day I was invited to create a ceremony for my first couple. I jumped on this opportunity as the event industry and celebrating felt like a right path to follow. 

Expressing myself, on stage!

During the first 2 years, I discovered a new aspect of the industry and worked as a wedding planner. Nowadays I switched to the corporate events planning, but of course continued creating ceremonies because weddings became an essential part of my life.

What is your favorite part about being a wedding celebrant?

The moment when bride and groom see each other for the first time on the altar path. Every time it feels like a firework of speechless emotions.

What is your favorite kind of ceremony?

Your kind of ceremony! I adore ceremonies when couples stay true and real, transmit their love in the way they feel it. Formal, funny, or traditional ceremony – it doesn’t matter as long as it feels right to you!

A job well done 🙂

What is the best compliment a couple has ever given you?
The best compliment for me was from a surfer couple, who initially planned their ceremony just out of respect for their parents, but by the end of it the bride whispered to me “You made me cry like a little girl, the little girl who was always dreaming about this moment! Thank you for waking her up!”

Parting words

I believe that love is one of the most beautiful things in the world and it’s always unique. Thus, I care about making the journey with you to create your ceremony. I strive to catch the unique tone of your feelings and shape it into a beautiful expression of your love.