Stay-at-Home Elopement

The chance to celebrate your original wedding date.

Having to postpone your wedding day stinks, no way around it. And while there are very big things going on in the world, it is perfectly acceptable to be sad about postponing. We know you have been planning for months, so the disappointment is real. That is why we don’t want that date to come and go without any celebration. That’s where our Stay-at-Home Elopement comes in!

Your virtual elopement will include yourselves and your wedding celebrant on your original wedding date in a call hosted on Zoom. This experience offers you the chance to hear your love story, exchange vows and rings, just as you would have. Put on your wedding dress or tux (or stay in your PJs!) while you gather around your computer for the chance to mark your wedding date.

Have we piqued your interested? Read over our FAQs below to understand exactly what is involved.


Won’t I just hear my ceremony on my new wedding date?

Yes, you will. However, that will be a completely different feeling when you stand up in front of your family and friends. This is meant to be solely for the two of you. We don’t want your original wedding date to slip by without honoring it. 

Do we have to exchange vows?

Only if you want to. If you already have them and want to share them, yes! Or if you want to write quarantine-inspired vows, i.e. I vow to clean up my coffee cups and do my home workouts in the guest bedroom, we think that’s a great idea too! 

Do we have to exchange rings?

Again, only if you want to. You can exchange your wedding bands or you can find temporary stand-ins or you can even make new ones with things from around the house. The choice is yours. We aren’t trying to cheapen your day or the sentiments, but we want you to know that there are an infinite number of options available. 

How does this affect the ceremony to be delivered on my new wedding date?

It doesn’t! Your wedding ceremony will be delivered as originally planned on your new wedding date. If your wedding is being postponed until 2021 your wedding celebrant will be in touch with you early 2021 to refresh your ceremony in the ways you see fit. 

Can we rewrite the ceremony for the Stay-at-Home Elopement?

At this time, we won’t be offering to rewrite your ceremony for this virtual experience. However, if you would like something totally different, have a look at our Virtual Toast.

Can this ceremony be recorded?

Yes, and we can do that for you. We will be happy to record your Stay-at-Home Elopement and offer it to you as a keepsake.

How much does it cost?

For Your European Wedding Celebrant’s existing couples, nothing. It is free. This is our small way of saying, we know this is tough and we want to be there for you. 

How do we book?

Please email your celebrant telling her that you would like to book a Stay-at-Home Elopement for your wedding date. Please arrange with her a suitable time for your ceremony and we will take care of the rest.