Languages: Portuguese & English


Loving life in nature.

My name is Rita. I was born in Lisbon, and I was always a very creative child. Being the only daughter at home, I loved creating my imaginary worlds, and as soon as I was old enough to write, I discovered that was my biggest passion. My favorite subject was mostly love stories, and I used to organize big weddings with lots of details for my dolls. I always loved telling stories, and creating emotions.

This passion followed me through my years of professional life. I worked in customer service in jewelry and had the unique opportunity to meet many couples. I was always very curious and eager to work intimately on the most important day of the couple’s life. A few years later, my notion of love got a new meaning when I met my husband, and our 3 little princess was born from our relationship.

When our daughter was born, we decided to change our lives, and switch the city for the countryside. I’m a nature lover, and especially, an Alentejo lover. In our monte filled with medronheiros and breathtaking landscapes, we found our balance and reason to be, and there’s no place more inspiring to write about love!

I decided to focus on my writing and kept my dedication and taste for meeting new people and ideas. At this time in my life, I met Carly, and was fascinated with the concept of personalized wedding ceremonies. She was the one who inspired me to follow this new thrilling path, that ties my passions so well together. I love to talk, but also to listen, and I always take a little piece of the story of each couple I’ve met. Love inspires me every day, and there is nothing more harmonious than putting love into words.

Why I love being a celebrant!

What is your favorite part about being a wedding celebrant?

The love the couple emanates. It’s such a special moment when the couple sees it each other for the first time, the love is almost tangible. Its unforgettable and contagious, and as a celebrant I love to witness such a pure love.

What is your favorite kind of ceremony?

A ceremony that has the gift of joining everyone present, making them feel every word, and live the love story of that couple passionately. An environment of love, respect, and joy, for the most beautiful of unions.

Parting words

Having the great honor to immortalize in words the love of two individuals is priceless to me. I wish that all our couples keep their love alive, and know how to nurture it every day, so that the story goes on with new chapters of happiness.