Our team

Meet the team! We are all different in our personalities, language skills, and styles, however, the constant is that we all love what we do. Click on our photos to know more about each of us.

Carly Petracco

Founder: English & Portuguese

Vanessa Walsh

Celebrant: English & German

Celebrant Vanessa

Helene Biannic

Celebrant: French & English

Celebrant Helene

Leentje Van Dessel

Celebrant: Flemish, English, & French

Rebecca Burton

Celebrant: English & French

Rita Câmara

Team Manager & Celebrant: Portuguese & English

Isabel Nunes

Celebrant: Portuguese & English

Sara Tavares

Celebrant: Portuguese & French

Celebrant Sara

Lara Marques

Celebrant: Portuguese & English

Shahnaz Radjy

Celebrant: English, Spanish, & French

Hanna Ruddies

Celebrant: German & English