Languages: Flemish & English

Hello there!

My name is Leentje, but here in Portugal everyone calls me Lena. My celebranting story started a long time ago, but I love telling a story that encapsulates my journey.

Marrying the love of my life.

In 2018 I received a friend request on Facebook. This person seemed familiar, although I couldn’t really tell from where. Then he messaged me. Not with his own words, but with mine. He had sent me a picture of a love letter from me, written to him.

This familiar face on Facebook, turned out to be my first love. A Spanish boy, who broke my heart when I was 15 years old. While I was reading through this letter I became overwhelmed. It was so beautifully, ashaming to read the words of my in-love, 15 year old self. I still remember to this day how that first love made me start to write. After this first love letter, I never stopped putting down words on paper. I started to use written words to be able to process emotions. Those were my first steps in the art of storytelling.

After growing up and pursuing my dream of acting, people started to ask me to write for them, their story. To write what they couldn’t put down in words. And, so it started that they would ask me to come and deliver those words.

What attracted you to becoming a wedding celebrant?

Being the person who glues all the words, spoken or unspoken, feelings and expectations into a meaningful ceremony excites me enormously. Being able to be present at that moment is the cherry to the wedding cake.

Wat heeft mij aangetrokken om ceremoniemeester te zijn?

De persoon te mogen zijn die al de woorden, uitgesproken of onuitgesproken, gevoelens en verwachtingen mag verlijmen tot een betekenisvolle ceremonie, geeft me enorm veel voldoening. Het aanwezig mogen zijn op dat mooie moment is gewoon de kers op de taart.

My family.

What is your favorite part about being a wedding celebrant? 

In order to create a meaningful ceremony it is needed to have honest and open communication during the whole process. Having the chance to get to know two people and talk about their love life and sharing precious stories and intimate moments is something that inspires me the most. I love learning about their love story and the bond they have.

With Claire & TJ just after their beautiful ceremony!

Wat is je favoriete gedeelte van een ceremoniemeester te zijn?

Om een betekenisvolle ceremonie te kunnen creëren is het belangrijk om eerlijke en open communicatie te hebben doorheen het hele proces. De kans te krijgen het koppel te leren kennen en te praten over hun leven en het delen van dierbare verhalen en herinneringen, is hetgene wat me het meest inspireert. Ik hou ervan om te luisteren naar hun liefdesverhaal en de band die ze hebben opgebouwd.

What is your favorite kind of ceremony?

When I feel the story just completely fits. When the couple radiates passion and joy, that they have everything they need and that my words just puts all of this in a perfect frame.

Wat is je favoriete ceremonie?

Als het hele plaatje klopt. Wanneer de trouwers stralen van geluk en ze alles hebben dat hun hart belieft. Dat mijn woorden dit alles samen brengt in een mooi geheel.

Parting words

Being able to capture these emotions, histories, and the uniqueness of each individual, molding it into a story that fits them and then being able to make a love story out of this…brings me so much fulfillment. Being a wedding celebrant brings all these passions, qualities and beliefs into one. My mission is to be the words and voice for people who are looking for meaning and connection in a special time of their lives.

I look forward to the privilege of doing that for you.