Languages: Portuguese & English


I’m Isabel and I’m originally from the Porto area. Since I was a child I always had a hard time knowing what I wanted to be when I grow up. I was always a very cheerful and communicative person and I had the idea that work would have to be boring. So every time someone asked me “what do you want to be when you grow up” I was very confused not knowing what to answer.

My first love!

When it came time to decide, I chose to study theater and became a professional actress at 19 years old. I worked professionally with various theater companies in Porto, and then I founded my own company while also beginning to work as a voice-over for cartoons, a work I love and that helps me keep my inner child alive.

One day during a meditation I realized that my mission is to bring joy and light to the people. Since then, I try to do activities that meet this purpose and fill my hear with joy.

When I met Carly, I became very excited about the idea of being a wedding celebrant. I really think that celebrating weddings totally meets my life purpose. Since then, I’m very happy to work with her and various couples on this beautiful and important project that it is to celebrate Love.

Now this is love!

What attracted you to becoming a wedding celebrant?
I am a very cheerful and empathic person who loves to meet very different people from all over. I also love the feeling of being free and visiting new places. Being a wedding celebrant fulfills all these needs, and that was what attracted me this work.

What is your favorite kind of ceremony?
My favorite ceremonies are when the couple’s story and their feelings are approached honestly and genuinely, creating space for everything to laugh and to cry.

What is the best compliment a couple has ever given you?
The best possible compliment I can receive is when a couple tells me that they got emotional just reading the ceremony draft together. It is incredibly gratifying to know, that through my writing, I was able to touch their hearts.

Parting words

I wish for my couples a harmonious life. Just like us, love is constantly changing and evolving, and a cherish the chance to be a part of that. I look forward to working with you!