It’s so very special to have an entire ceremony written just for us, all about our story, our past and our future hopes… Someone even thought you were an old friend of ours, that’s how personal and heartfelt your words were.”

Paul & Éilis – married in Porto, Portugal 21st of September 2018

We exist for one reason:

To celebrate your love the way you want.

We believe in two things:

Your love is amazing. Your love story is unique.

We hold three truths as our guiding light:

Your wedding ceremony should be done your way. Laughter & tears make wedding ceremonies better. Finding a wedding celebrant who gets you is as important as your venue, planner, or seating plan.

Emma & Inês – Aguiam Wedding Photographers

Bringing together an international team of celebrants, Your European Wedding Celebrant offers bespoke wedding ceremonies across Europe from our base in Portugal.

We love love and want to work with you to create a personalized wedding ceremony that reflects your love, your personalities, your cultures, and your languages.

Working with us means you have a team of celebrants on your side who have conducted symbolic wedding ceremonies in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Croatia, and Holland for couples from 6 different continents. Couples adore what we do, but don’t just take our word for it.

In addition, everyone on our team is bilingual, meaning you can have the inclusive wedding ceremony of which you dreamed. Our languages include: English, Portuguese, French, German, Flemish (Dutch), Spanish, and varying combinations of those languages.

Catarina & Sean

Do you know exactly what you want your wedding ceremony to look like, but aren’t sure how to create it so that it makes you feel what you want? Do you envision all of your loved ones participating in your ceremony, but don’t know how? Are you enthused to create a completely new ritual that will reflex your union? Excited to celebrate that you have found your soul mate, your pub quiz companion, your cleaner of the gross bits in the drain, and your partner in crime? If you said yes, to any or all of those questions, look no further.

We know that real love isn’t like it seems on Instagram. We know real love can be complicated, that it can require hard work, but we also know that it is something incredible. If you agree, let us help you celebrate your love.

Let’s get started.