Languages: German & English


My name is Hanna and I call Lisbon home. Born and raised in Hamburg, the world has been my playground. My father is a photographer and ever since I have seen his picture of the Ayers Rock (in Australia), I knew I had to go there. Fast forward, I have lived in 5 countries, from Australia to Serbia, and have traveled to 30+ countries by now. My mother is a therapist and she really had a large impact on me and hence, ever since I can remember, I was fascinated by human beings – how did someone become the version of him/herself as s/he is today? How did this beautiful couple meet and how did the universe guide them to choosing their love? Well, these have been some of the questions that guided me throughout my life – all the way to Portugal, the place I call home.

All smiles!

And not only asking questions has been a big part of my life, I actually really have an endless amount of curiosity for human beings and everyone’s unique heart and growth and hence my passion for self-love. All of this combined with my strong presence has allowed to me host ceremonies of all kinds all over the world. Right now, besides being a wedding celebrant, I hold space through shamanic and tantric arts – workshops, private sessions and retreats. And on top of that, I see myself as a person who brings more love into organizations – I do that through hosting empathy workshops and authentic leadership trainings.

What is your favorite part about being a wedding celebrant?

Being a wedding celebrant gives me this massive opportunity to dive into the souls and hearts of two people. So all the preparation that leads up to the big day is just so beautiful as it gives me the chance to understand their wishes, their desires, the unique story of the couple, and also the struggles they had to overcome, and well, so much more. And then from that place designing a magical ceremony that speaks with and from their hearts is … well that is joy and pure happiness!

Was liebst du am meisten daran Hochzeitszeremonien durchzuführen?

Mit dieser Arbeit habe ich die große Chance in die Seelen und Herzen zweier Menschen einzutauchen. Die ganze Vorbereitung, die zum großen Tag führt, ist einfach so schön. Sie gibt mir die Möglichkeit die Wünsche des Paares, die einzigartige Geschichte des Paares, aber auch die schwierigen Phasen der beiden Menschen zu verstehen. Und natürlich alles was das Paar mit mir teilen mag. Darüber hinaus kann ich dann von diesem Punkt heraus eine magische Zeremonie entwerfen, die mit und von den Herzen des Paares spricht…. nun, das ist Freude und pures Glück für mich!

My heart is happiest near the water!

What is your favorite kind of ceremony?

A ceremony that leaves a BIG smile on the face of everyone that was present!

Was ist deine Lieblings-Zeremonie?

Eine Zeremonie, die ein großes Lächeln auf dem Gesicht aller Anwesenden hinterlässt!

What’s the most challenging part of creating a ceremony?

Well, every person is unique and every story is unique. So designing the perfect ceremony with all those various kinds of needs is challenging in itself.

Was ist die größte Herausforderung bei der Erstellung einer Zeremonie?

Nun, jeder Mensch ist einzigartig und jede Geschichte ist einzigartig. Die Gestaltung der perfekten Zeremonie, unter Berücksichtigung aller verschiedenster Bedürfnisse, ist eine Herausforderung für sich.

Parting words

Speak from your heart. Be vulnerable. And just let life take you to the most magical places that you did not dare to dream about. Choosing to spend your lives together is beautiful. Choose each other every day!


Sprich aus deinem Herzen. Sei verwundbar. Und lass dich einfach vom Leben an die magischsten Orte führen, von denen du nie gewagt hast zu träumen. Sich dafür zu entscheiden, euer Leben zusammen zu verbringen, ist wahnsinnig schön. Sagt JA zu einander jeden einzelnen Tag.

Thank you! Vielen Dank!