Douro Valley Wedding Officiant

We love being your Douro Valley Wedding Officiant. The Douro Valley is one of the oldest demarcated wine regions in the world. But that is just one of the many reasons why it is one of our favorite places in Portugal. Lush rolling hills of vineyards bisected by the sparkling Douro River characterize the region. This, combined with delicious food and incredible wines, makes the Douro Valley wedding heaven.

Your Douro Valley Wedding Officiant

Though we have celebrants based all over Portugal, we were founded in Porto, the largest city next to the Douro Valley. Almost every weekend of the summer we are conducting a symbolic wedding ceremony in the heart of the Douro Valley.

Though we do spend a lot of our time in the Douro Valley, that doesn’t mean we could ever tire of its beauty. We fall in love with the region each time we visit. We adore celebrating love at classic favorites like the Six Senses Hotel & Spa Douro Valley or Quinta da Pacheca, and at new favorites like Quinta Nova Nossa Senhora do Carmo or Solar Quinta da Portela. Certainly, one of the best parts of the region is that there are dozens of hotels and quinta (large farms/vineyards) of every size and price range. That means you will be able to find the perfect one for you and your guests.

Furthermore, we work with all kinds of couples from all over the world. We conduct ceremonies for Portuguese couples, couples from around the world who have deep ties to the country or are visiting for the first time. We conduct ceremonies for weddings of 200+ guests and intimate elopements for two. We are privileged to celebrate the love of LGBTQ+ couples, as well as multilingual and multicultural couples. However, there is a commonality to all of our ceremonies. This is that each one is bespoke to the couple. Nothing about our ceremonies is template, it is all original, written just for you and your day.

Why You Should Choose This Douro Valley Wedding Officiant

Douro Valley wedding officiant with a red book conducting a symbolical wedding ceremony in front of a bride and groom with the Douro Valley in the background.
Photo by Meraki Studio at Quinta do Vallado

We have a dozen reasons why you should choose us as the wedding officiant for your big day in the Douro Valley! We bring together years of experience, a high level of service, and an international background to offer something special. As a result, every couple we marry in the Douro Valley receives a unique wedding ceremony. A wedding ceremony they, and their guests, will be talking about for years to come.

But don’t just take our word for it, see what other couples have to say…

“Helene was great, we loved her from the beginning and she had a way to ask us questions that ended up capturing all the important bits of our relationship.. it was all in the ceremony, it made it feel really personal which is what we were going for. Everyone present also loved it! Ah, and she had a very soothing voice which came in handy with all the stress, we can’t thank her enough!”

Ruxandra & Bernardo – married at Quinta da Pacheca

“Planning a wedding tends to be stressful, especially when it’s abroad. Our planning process was fraught with miscommunication, but not in our dealings with Your European Wedding Celebrant. Carly was our first point of contact and she was prompt and polite. We were matched with Vanessa, who exhibited the same qualities and was always the epitome of professionalism and friendliness. We had absolutely no worries or problems in this aspect of our wedding planning. Vanessa wrote a beautiful and witty personalized ceremony for us which she delivered on the day of the wedding with poise and sincerity. We highly recommend her and the company for your wedding.”

Anna & Arne – married at Quinta da Casa Grande

“Leentje organized a wonderful outdoor wedding service for us! She sent us a pack with many options for the ceremony, including a few examples from previous ceremonies, interviewed us in detail and from that wrote a lovely speech that captured the essence of our relationship. After this, she was very responsive and flexible to what we wanted, adding in some elements that we created ourselves, and on the day spent a little time rehearsing the ceremony with friends and family who were involved. It was a memorable occasion and many tears and smiles all around. Thank you!”

Qixin & Richared – married at Quinta do Vallado

Ready To Marry In The Douro Valley?

Bride and groom standing before their Douro valley wedding officiant as they participate in the tasting of Port wine with a background of vineyards.
Photo by Meraki Studio at Quinta da Pacheca

In short, if you’re ready for a bespoke wedding ceremony, head to our Packages page to know more about creating your perfect ceremony.

Alternatively, get in touch with us on our Contact page or send an email to If you can’t wait, call, text, or WhatsApp us at +351 926 670 957.