How we  work
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  1. Initial contact: This is your job! If you like what you see head over to our contact page and fill in the contact form. Alternatively email us at Hello@WeddingCelebrantPT.com
  2. Meet & Greet: After receiving your contact your celebrant will arrange a Skype call to say hello, introduce herself, explain the process and answer any initial questions you have.
  3. Securing Service: This includes signing a contract and paying a deposit of 25% which secures your celebrant’s services for your wedding date.
  4. The Juicy Bits: This is the Skype call where we dive into the fun part! We take our time in getting to know each person in the couple and hearing your whole story as a couple. We also will ask you about the logistics and details of the ceremony to understand what will best reflect you. We have lots of ideas and inspiration and like to act as a resource for you. Remember we are here for you!From there we strive to understand the ceremony requirements of the couple, which include, but are not limited to:
    • Language needs (English, Portuguese and German available)
    • Cultural traditions
    • Symbolic rituals
    • Vows
    • And anything else you wish to include!
  5. Magical Creative Process: We take everything that you have told us and we create a bespoke wedding ceremony that is totally unique to you! We then share the first draft with you and start taking on your feedback during this editing process to hone the script so that it is perfect for you. We will go back and forth as many times as we need to to make sure you are happy with every detail.
  6. The Big Day: Your wedding celebrant arrives 1 hour before the ceremony with a big bright smile, ready to deliver your especially crafted wedding ceremony.
Excited? Ready to get started?

Don’t think for a moment that this has be to a stuffy white wedding. Instead, your ceremony should exactly as you want it. Whether the bride walks down the aisle to a symphonic version of the theme to Jurassic Park (actually happened and it was beautiful!) or you want your two year old niece coaxed down the aisle with the rings or you are looking to create your own experience, we are excited to work with you to make it happen!

Type of ceremonies
Our team conducts various types of ceremonies depending on the needs of the couple:
– Symbolic wedding ceremonies
– Same sex symbolic wedding ceremonies
– Vow renewal ceremonies
– Ceremonies in English and Portuguese
*Please note that we do not preform legal wedding ceremonies. If this is your wish, you will need to be in contact with your Embassy and a “conservador” or priest that can legally marry you.

In addition, we are also available for non-wedding ceremonies, including:
– Baby naming ceremonies
– Funerals
– Remembrances
– Divorce/Separation ceremonies


We are available to travel throughout Portugal. Our wedding celebrants are in Porto and available for weddings in the North of Portugal in the beautiful Douro Valley and beyond to the stunning capital, Lisbon, and all the way down to the sun-drenched Algarve. We are also available for weddings in other southern European counties and have previous experience in Italy, Spain, and Croatia.
Photography: Picture at the top of the page by Duo Borgatto.