Top Locations to Elope in Portugal

Are you dreaming of an intimate elopement in Portugal? A cozy ceremony with just the two of you, an amazing view, and your love? If that is the case, we have your insider’s guide to the best locations to elope in Portugal! Our team of 10 wedding celebrants has conducted over 130+ weddings in Portugal and we are excited to share our knowledge with you.

Why we love elopements

We are big fans of eloping! There is nothing more that we love than the chance to witness an un-rushed and loving ceremony with just the couple. However, elopements aren’t for every couple. We have couples elope for many reasons:

  • No desire to plan a wedding;
  • They were previously married and don’t need the hype;
  • They are very private people; or
  • They plan to have a big wedding, but want something just for them.

Whatever your reason may be, congratulations on making the decision to elope to Portugal!

Where to elope in Portugal

We are biased (we know it), but we love Portugal and we think it is the best place to elope. That said, it can be difficult if you aren’t from here and/or aren’t working with a wedding planner, to find the perfect spot for you. That is why we are here to help you find your perfect elopement location here in Portugal. We don’t want to overwhelm you. This is why we have 4 locations, each with a unique identity. Two locations in the city and two in nature. With this mix, there will surely be your dream elopement location in Portugal. With that said, let’s dive in!

Areias do Seixo

Intimate elopement in portugal at Areias do Seixo.
H & L married by our Isabel at Areias do Seixo – photo by Hugo Coelho Fotografia

We conducted two wedding elopements at this gem of a location! On the coast of Portugal, Areias do Seixo is less than an hour north of Lisbon, but feels like it’s a million miles away.

Founded by Marta and Gonçalo, this location brings you in touch with nature in so many different ways. Rooms and villas with different themes will offer you a place to relax in the run up to your elopement. Couple that with Areias do Seixo’s commitment to sustainability, organic agriculture, and love of nature. The end result is that this place will put your body and mind at easy while you focus on each other.

Did we also mention its location next to the ocean? Who doesn’t want to marry barefoot! Or what about the extras? Couple’s message? Check. Cuddles next to the outdoor fire pit? Yes please! Or how about a picnic basket, a blanket, and the chance to wander and find your own piece of heaven? Done! It is all possible at Areias do Seixo.

We think this location is perfect for couples wanting to elope to Portugal while having a strong connection to nature and doing so in an environmentally conscious way. This is the place elopement dreams are made of!

São Lourenço do Barrocal: Farmscape Hotel & Retreat

Eloping to Portugal at São Lourenço do Barrocal: Farmscape Hotel & Retreat in the Alentejo
N & V married by our Carly – photo by Piteira Photography

In the heart of the Alentjo, São Lourenço do Barrocal is one of our favorite locations for a wedding with a strong local flavor. From Lisbon you drive directly east and stop just before you come to the border with Spain. Here is where you will find the unspoiled nature of the Alentjo.

While Lisbon, Porto, and the Algarve are popular among foreign visitors, the region of the Alentjo is where the Portuguese go to get away from it all. Known for its slower pace of life, kindness people, excellent wines, and beloved food (from the bread to the pork to the the pastries), this region is unlike anything else in Portugal.

Now that you know why we love this area in general, let us tell you why you should have your wedding elopement at São Lourenço do Barrocal. This location combines everything that is best about the Alentejo with a luxury experience. The warmth of the people is on full display with a staff that is constantly willing to go above and beyond. Have you ever wanted to elope on horseback? Your dream can come true here. Or what about a setting in the middle of nature that feels as far from the rest of the world as is possible? It is all possible here.

This perfect elopement location is ideal for couples who want to disconnect from the world, indulge in some of the best food and wine in the country, and who would love for nature to be the backdrop of their wedding elopement.

Mosteiro da Serra do Pilar

Elopement in Portugal at Mosteiro da Serra do Pilar in Porto
G & B married by our Carly – photo by menino conhece menina

While one can get married inside the monastery, our recommendation is to forgo the reservations and have your ceremony with one of the best views in the world. Marrying in Porto is a dream for many couples. Now imagine Porto’s iconic skyline as your background. Why lose the chance to enjoy the view by marrying inside a church or a building? Instead, take your ceremony outside for a unique experience.

The area in front of the monastery and church are open all day long, requires no admission fee, and while there are tourists, they will be more interested in the view than you. Our ceremony with Bonnie & George (photo above) was on a beautiful Wednesday in November. The sun was shining brilliantly and Porto was showing off it’s very best. It was the perfect elopement location as the couple took turns looking at each other, at the city, and then back at each other.

This elopement location is for couples who like cities, love the idea of marrying overlooking the whole of a city, don’t mind if strangers pass by as they say their vows, and who don’t want to feel confined by what is normal. Does this sound like you? If so, book your flight to Porto today! No need to book an appointment, but do be careful of peak tourist times of the year. Instead aim for a weekday not in July or August. If you follow those hints this will surely be your perfect elopement location in Portugal.

Cacilhas Pier

Elopement in Portugal at Cacilhas Pier
J & M married by our Carly – photo by Piteira Photography

Probably one of the most underrated elopement locations in Portugal. Cacilhas is mostly a commuter city where people who work in Lisbon live. Nevertheless, this area is blessed with one of the most magnificent views of Lisbon. A view so good one should probably have to pay for it. However, on one of the handful of piers that are no longer in use, you can have the whole of Lisbon as your backdrop for free.

The ceremony of Jocelyn and Michael (see photo above) was incredibly intimate. While people passes by on the street at the base of the pier, everyone left us alone at the end of the pier. Our photographer and videographer timed it so that we were there just before sunset. This meant we were bathed in a golden light, what photographers call the “golden hour”. Conducted at the beginning of October, the weather, the day, and the city was perfection.

A bit rough around the edges, where street art meets old fishermen, Cacilhas is perfect for those couples who want something different. Your pictures will alternate between the famous 25th of April bridge, the cityscape of Lisbon, and the hipster-revived warehouses of Cacilhas. If you are after something that is different, fun, edgy, and romantic all at once, this is your spot.

Incredible view for an elopement in Portugal
Photo by Piteira Photography

Final advice

If you decide to have your elopement in one of these magical places, why not have a ceremony to match. Forgo boring, legal contracts and talk to our team of celebrants. We have the perfect person to marry the beauty of the location with that of your love story.

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