Writing your wedding vows isn’t easy, but I can help

First off, congratulations! I will infer that if you’re reading this it is because you’re getting married. And that is exciting and worth celebrating!

Photo Credit: Menino Conhece Menina

On that note, congratulations as well on taking the time to ensure your vows are on point. For some people, wedding vows just flow naturally from them. For others, their wedding vows are a painful experience. Whichever your situation, it is wonderful to see that you are placing the kind of importance on your vows that they deserve!

I know that writing your wedding vows can be scary. I know that you worry about not saying the right thing in your wedding vows. Others worry about saying too much or saying to little in their wedding vows. But worst of all is not being able to fully express how deeply you love your partner in your wedding vows.

That is where I come in. In my video course I will share with you the tips, tricks, and tactics I have developed over the years to help couples write their vows. The topics will include:

  • How to get on the same page as your partner – this will ensure you don’t end up with lopsided vows;
  • I’ll give you 10 questions to ask yourself to help generate plenty of vow writing material;
  • I will also share my bride and groom, tried and tested formula for organizing your vows.
  • And finally, I’ll share my preparation secrets to ensure you are feeling confident and prepared on your wedding day.

I know firsthand that writing your vows can be daunting – my husband and I actually had three wedding ceremonies of our own and wrote different vows for each of them! I know, that is crazy. And while I don’t recommend that you do that, I now have plenty experience in your shoes, as well as plenty of professional experience, as evidence by Your European Wedding Celebrant.

I know this may seem overwhelming, but don’t worry, I am here to help you! And I promise, by the end of this course, you will be the proud writer of your perfect wedding vows. Won’t you join me?

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