My own wedding vows…

As someone who advises others on their wedding vows it may seem as though I make it sound so easy, even though you are sitting at home in front of your computer or with a notepad trying to think of your vows. I will admit that when I finally sat down to write my vows they flooded out and I could barely type fast enough to keep up with my ideas. But that is me and only me. Everyone has a different process that they go through so do not be hard on yourself. So in the effort to give just a bit more inspiration, I give you my vows. They are not traditional vows and they are longer than most, but they are mine. Note: my husband’s vows were just as long and written in the same style though we never planned it. Somethings just work out.

Happy writing!


Miguel, when I think back over the past 4.5 years that have brought us to this moment, I am overwhelmed with love. Love that has only grown stronger and deeper with each passing day.

I still remember our first dance together at Caruso club, our first kiss in Greece and our first I love you, standing in the kitchen of my apartment in Rome. We have traveled around the world together, lived in three different countries together and with each day I discover something new about you that makes me love you even more.

I adore the way you hold me when we fall asleep. I adore the way you stare into my eyes and tell me they remind you of the sea. I love the softness of your fingers went we hold hands. I adore the way you say I love you. I adore that you support me through my tough times and compliment my accomplishments. Most of all I adore the way you kiss me, the all consuming way in which nothing else in the world matters except for the two of us.

And so Miguel I stand before our family and friends to make public my love for you and say my vows to be witnessed by everyone. Because, though it is cool to say your vows using double negatives and proper English whilst a picture of the queen hangs over head, this means more. This is the moment when all the people we love witness our commitment to one another and in doing so, our marriage becomes official to all those here today and to us. This is the moment I pledge my vows to you.

Miguel, I vow to be your travel buddy and I vow to be the one who knows which way the hotel is and what time we need to leave for the airport. I also vow to leave and travel by myself, just as I vow to always come home to you.

I vow to be your business partner and challenge your ideas and work with you to make them better. I vow to always be your biggest supporter and your best promoter. I vow to come up with ideas and skip over the details and run straight to the big picture. I vow to pull you along with ideas that are not fully thought through and I vow to never be defeated when something doesn’t work.

I vow to continue to be outgoing and overly optimistic. I vow to always be your loud American, and I also vow to continue learning about your culture and your language.

I vow to help you get up on time with unlimited good morning kisses. And I vow to hold your hand, intertwine our legs and fall asleep on your chest every night.

I vow to be your friend and go to the movies with you when ever you want. I vow to go on picnics with you and fall asleep while reading books in the park together. I vow to nurse you back to health when you are sick. And I vow to kick you in the butt when you need it.

I vow to disagree with you. I vow to debate politics and economics with you. I vow to have my own opinion and be outspoken. I vow to do my own things. And I vow to be my own person because this marriage is not about us becoming one, it is about us being ourselves, together.

But most importantly I vow to be your life partner, to experience the world with you, and to love you unconditionally until the end of time.