What is a wedding celebrant?

What is a wedding celebrant?

Generally speaking, a wedding celebrant is someone who conducts a wedding ceremony. This, however, is a very broad term and includes different types of wedding celebrants.

Civilly speaking, a marriage officiant is a civil officer who officiates a wedding. This generally includes judges, registrars or other civil servants whose function is to marry couples.

Religiously speaking, there are rabbis, bishops, priests, etc that marry couples within their chosen religion.

And finally there are wedding celebrants for symbolic ceremonies, which is the area of work of David and Petracco Wedding Celebrants. There are many reasons why a couple would want to have a symbolic wedding ceremony, including:

  • Location restrictions – some countries only allow you to be officially married in certain locations, depending on the country this means outdoor wedding or weddings in unusual locations are not allowed;
  • International restrictions – it can often be difficult, time consuming, or even impossible to be married in another country, especially in the case of destination weddings;
  • Customizability – for both formal civil and religious weddings the structure of the ceremony can by very rigid and lack the space for personal expression.

For all of these reasons and more many couples choose to marry civilly and then have a large ceremony with friends and family utilizing the services of a wedding celebrant for their symbolic ceremonies. This option allows couples to tailor their ceremony and location to their personalities and gives them the freedom to create a day they will always remember.